Studio eIQ, a multi-faceted design firm was created by Lacy
O’Brien in 2013 while she was obtaining her second degree, a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design at Sage College of Albany in Albany, NY.  Adhering to the principle that “emotional intelligence breeds intelligent design”, O’Brien, through Studio eIQ, aims to create spaces and environments that intrigue and inspire.
O'Brien's first degree in Business Administration and experience in the fields of finance, data analytics, and marketing add a layer of expertise to her services.  A holistic approach to creative design which embodies the "big picture", in terms of the bottom line and strategic growth are her strong suit.
Why hiring a Think Tank works...
Why Emotional Intelligence matters...
When a project requires a network of resources, hiring a Think Tank covers all the bases.
    Emotional awareness, including the ability to identify your own emotions and those of others, is essential in design and culture.